Friday, January 25, 2008


I have to tell you, after seeing the Oncologist Tuesday we are now officially overwhelmed. He spoke to us for over an hour about the next phase of treatment and the importance of finding the right place to perform the bone marrow transplant. The overwhelming part is that we have to figure out where that is! He had some guidance, but not nearly enough. He basically said that I was in the driver's seat, that we should contact 4 places, interview at least 2, and then decide. The primary consideration is what any of these facilities is doing in the field of Multiple Myeloma Research. Options, covered by insurance, range from Boston to Seattle. We did actually speak to someone at the Dana Farber Institute in Boston, a leader in myeloma research. They were interested in me for potential entrance into clinical trials in the future, but said that for now I should get the transplant where ever I felt comfortable. We did find a connection between the University of Chicago and Dana Farber, so for the moment they appear to be in the lead, if I can just get them to return my phone calls!! Our prayer now is that God guide us to the right place, where ever that may be.
Deacon John
The Feast of the Conversion of Paul
Jan. 25, 2008

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Gunny John said...

Hang in there, John. The right place will make itself known. We missed you and Claudette Saturday.