Saturday, April 19, 2008

Testing 1,2,3, testing

On Thursday April 17 I finally began the tests necessary to qualify me for the autologous stem cell transplant. These tests are primarily for the insurance company, to give them reasonable assurance that I won’t drop dead in the middle of the transplant procedure. We started with a series of blood tests, for which blood had to be drawn, of course. I lost count at somewhere around 9 test tubes of blood. I did ask that they just leave me enough to get by. Next was a bone marrow biopsy, taken from my hip. Not the most pleasant experience, but at least it didn’t last long. On Monday I have to go to the hospital for the remaining tests, a pulmonary function test, a skeletal scan, and a MUGA, some sort of heart test involving dye and more needles. Once the results of these tests are in they will be forwarded to the University of Chicago Hospital and the insurance company. The folks in Chicago have assured me that my insurance company, unlike some others, will respond very quickly. Approval shouldn’t be a problem, so there is still a chance the transplant process can start by the end of April. I certainly hope so, I long to have Poindexter driven into remission and get some semblance of normalcy back into my life. I know the recovery process is slow, but the sooner we start the sooner I get there. I just keep praying for the grace to face this challenge, and the patience to wait for everything to happen. If I learn patience, this whole thing may have been worth it! Keep praying, it definitely helps.
Deacon John
April 19, 2008
St. Peregrine, pray for us