Monday, November 10, 2008


Today is my birthday. Normally I would not take much note of it, indeed I had just about forgotten that today is my birthday until my wife reminded me. I guess I should take more notice, however, since it is a special birthday. No, not because of my age, but because I am having a birthday at all. Just a little over a year ago, I wasn’t so sure I would have any more days like today to celebrate. Yet here I am, a survivor, a cancer survivor. Just being able to say that brings up emotions I can’t describe. Joy, relief, some lingering fear, gratitude. Gratitude to all who prayed for me, gratitude to God for the grace granted me. I am grateful for the miracle of medicine that made this birthday possible. I am grateful beyond words to God for this second chance at life. My cancer, Poindexter, along with my hair, is in complete remission. Only the hair is coming back!
Deacon John
The Feast of St. Leo the Great
Nov. 10, 2008
St. Peregrine, Pray for us