Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waiting almost patiently

Okay, I still haven't heard anything from the insurance company, or the doctor, and I'm doing my best to be patient. Patience is a virtue I doubt I will ever master. Yet here I am, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I suppose going nuts and yelling and screaming would be counterproductive, so I'll wait, for now. I'm holding out so far, but my patience does have limits.
Deacon John
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Jan. 31, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

One of These Days

OK, the Dr. in Chicago did get back to us, and the insurance company, ever-vigilant as they are, is asking for MORE information. The emphasis on more being the Doc's, not mine. I get the feeling he is getting to the point of exasperation with these people. I, too, am beginning to get very tired of this game. A game perhaps for the insurance company,but a game with deadly serious consequences for me. At this rate I have no idea when or if the transplant will ever occur. Last week I started my ninth cycle of Revlimid. My oncologist here in Louisville said I could remain on this drug for about one year. I can only hope that something happens in the next three months, before the Revlimid stops working, or that it continues working beyond one year. But there has to be a bright side to this, right? At least we got through the holidays without spending them in the hospital. At the glacial pace things are moving it will be summer before the transplant, so we'll miss winter in Chicago and my donor sister will be off work, so she won't miss any time. All I can do at this point is trust that things will work out for the best. All we can do is keep praying, and try not to be exasperated or angry. TRY.
Deacon John
Monday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Jan. 18, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe the Letters Helped

Just before Christmas the Nurse Manager from the insurance company called and asked me, "When is the transplant scheduled to be done?' After getting over being stunned I said it has not been scheduled. She procedeed to inform me that my dr. in Chicago had submitted a new protocol that might be acceptable. I thought, if it only might be approved, why would anything be scheduled? She then said that in her research the new protocol may still involve a clinical trial. At this point I was wondering why she called at all. We e-mailed the tranplant team in Chicago and found they had submitted a new protocol, and we were asked to e-mail again in 2 weeks. We did e-mail again and are waiting for a reply from Chicago. Maybe something is about to happen, maybe. It does seem that everytime I write to the insurance company, I get a call from the Nurse. I still haven't gotten the documents I asked for, however. Maybe if I write again more will happen, or maybe not. Oh well, it does seem we are making progress.
Deacon John
Christmas Weekday
Jan. 9, 2010
St. Peregrine, Pray for Us.
Blessed John XXIII, Pray for Us.