Monday, January 18, 2010

One of These Days

OK, the Dr. in Chicago did get back to us, and the insurance company, ever-vigilant as they are, is asking for MORE information. The emphasis on more being the Doc's, not mine. I get the feeling he is getting to the point of exasperation with these people. I, too, am beginning to get very tired of this game. A game perhaps for the insurance company,but a game with deadly serious consequences for me. At this rate I have no idea when or if the transplant will ever occur. Last week I started my ninth cycle of Revlimid. My oncologist here in Louisville said I could remain on this drug for about one year. I can only hope that something happens in the next three months, before the Revlimid stops working, or that it continues working beyond one year. But there has to be a bright side to this, right? At least we got through the holidays without spending them in the hospital. At the glacial pace things are moving it will be summer before the transplant, so we'll miss winter in Chicago and my donor sister will be off work, so she won't miss any time. All I can do at this point is trust that things will work out for the best. All we can do is keep praying, and try not to be exasperated or angry. TRY.
Deacon John
Monday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Jan. 18, 2010


Unknown said...

I don't have to tell you God's time is perfect. But waiting is hard. Trust and faith are being built with every moment that you are obedient to God's will in this.

God, the great physician is in control. I love you sweetie and pray that your faith and trust grows every day. Just think of all that wonderful time to get better at video games, and/or read those books you have always wanted to read.

我的加 said...

要像鐵鎚和釘子一樣,永遠向著定點努力。 ....................................................