Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Closer (maybe)

On Tuesday I had my second to (probably, hopefully) last round of chemo prior to preparation for the transplant. We also had an appointment with the oncologist. He agreed that with the disappearance of Poindexter the tumor there shouldn’t be any need for more chemo before moving ahead with the autologous stem cell transplant. Later on Tuesday I received a call from the transplant coordinator in Chicago. We spoke about what is happening, Poindexter’s disappearance and failure to return, the probability that three rounds of Velcade is enough, and moving forward with the transplant. She said that she was going into a meeting in half an hour and that my case would be discussed. The only drawback is the need to repeat all of the qualifying testing that had been done previously in May. She said she would fax a list of those tests to my oncologist. I am going to follow up and make sure they have hat list and get the tests scheduled by Monday. If they don’t get the list, I plan on having it faxed to me, and I will hand carry it in to the doctor on Friday when I go for my (probably, hopefully) last round of chemo prior to transplant preparation. Even with this haste, it still looks like the end of July is the best case scenario for getting started. But, we may be getting closer!!As I have said before, I’ve never looked so forward to feeling bad, but if remission is the result, I am ready to feel as bad as necessary. I thank God for helping me through this, I know God is leading this journey, at least when I am smart enough to get out of the way.
Deacon John
June 25, 2008
St. Peregrine, Pray for Us

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yesterday was day 8 of the second 21 day cycle of Velcade therapy. This is the halfway point of the three cycles that are planned. So far, Velcade seems to be doing the job. Poindexter the tumor has completely disappeared. Even during the ten day respite of the first cycle, Poindexter has not shown any signs of growing back. Maybe, just maybe, the transplant will really happen once the three rounds of Chemo with Velcade are complete. The third cycle, including the ten day respite, should end on July 3. Seems appropriate, maybe i can declare my near independence from MM (OK, just near remission) on July 4. God and the transplant team willing, I hope we can start by mid-July. This is, of course, just the beginning of this journey, not the end. But it is a beginning. A beginning that with God's help will have a good end, twenty or thirty years from now!!
Deacon John
June 4, 2008
St. Peregrine,
Pray for us