Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts on Chemo Day - Round 4

Yesterday, March 12, was the fourth, and hopefully last, round of chemo. The transplant team in Chicago seems to think that four rounds are enough, indeed, is the norm for this disease. The Nurse Practioner gave us some hope when she said the doctors tend to go along with what the Transplant team wants. So, with any luck, the transplant process can start by the end of April.

At chemo I met a nun, a bit older, who noticed one of the bags I had that identified me as a deacon. We have had some pleasant conversations about the Church here in the South End of Louisville. She volunteers there providing a healing touch ministry. Yesterday I finally availed myself of that service and found it quite good. It was very relaxing, and I felt better after that than I have for a while. If you ever have a chance to experience this, I suggest it.

Next Wednesday we see our regular Oncologist, Dr. Glisson. Hopefully, he will tell us that we have completed the needed rounds of chemo and that we can move on to the transplant process, hopefully. Again, I have learned in all of this not to count on very much, and to leave with more questions than answers. No matter what happens, I still feel that God is guiding us on this journey. I pray, and remain open to what is coming. Not much of this is in my control, so I rely on God. So far we haven’t been steered wrong. I believe I’ll only go wrong if I get stubborn and think I can do this on my own. So I pray that I find the grace to let God lead me. Thank you all for your prayers, they are a blessing and a great help.

Deacon John
March 13, 2008
St. Perergrine,
Pray for us.

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Unknown said...

My prayers are with you, you know that. I may have to manufacture a reason to visit soon though because I miss you that much.

Heck, with Burke away I may just run away from home for a while and end up in Louisville for a few days. You just never know.