Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting Started

Today I received the first injections of neupogen, a drug designed to stimulate stem cell production. The only draw back to neupogen is that the main side affect is severe bone pain. So if we are going to see any of Chicago, I guess we shoud do it today or over the weekend, before the pain starts. I will receive this drug twice a day for 5 days. The pain should not begin, if it does, until late in the process. So I should be ok until Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday the harvesting of the stem cells should begin. After a small fight with the insurance company about covering these injections, things were worked out so the transplant process would not be delayed. Thanks to God for answering our prayers that this insurance difficulty be resolved quickly. So, we are well on our way and will hopefully have the transplant as scheduled on Aug. 22. We are relying on God now to guide through this process. So far we have done well following God's lead. All we need now is the grace to continue to do so.
Deacon John
The Feast of St. Dominic
Aug. 8, 2008
St. Peregrine and St. Dominic,
Pray for us

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