Friday, February 27, 2009

Continuing the Journey

Wednesday, Feb. 25, was Ash Wednesday. So we enter Lent, not exactly a time of joyful exuberance. I would have posted this on that day, but I have, again, caught some bug and feel awful. But I do not care. I am celebrating because Ash Wednesday also marked the six month anniversary of my autologous stem cell transplant. My old friend Poindexter was whacked on the head, and has not recovered. I have stayed in remission for six months, a significant milestone. So, Lent or not, sick or not, I'm celebrating. Thanks to all of you who stood with me and prayed for me, and thanks to our gracious God for a gift of new life.
Deacon John
Friday after Ash Wednesday
Feb. 27, 2009

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Paul Stokell said...

God will surely understand the celebration...just post a few more homilies and He'll call it even! :)