Sunday, December 6, 2009

Appalling Appealing

Ok, I have been as patient as I can, waiting for my insurance company to reply to my first letter appealing the denial of my treatment. Here's a copy of my latest letter, the last nice letter I plan to send:
On Nov. 2, I mailed a letter appealing your denial of my request for treatment of Multiple Myeloma using an allogenic stem cell transplant. I asked at that time that certain documents be sent to me, documents that your denial letter stated I was entitled to see. I also asked that a reason for the denial, other than the vague ones given, be presented to me. I have yet to hear from you, almost four weeks after my request. Hopefully this letter is moot and the requested documents are on their way to me. Should they not be forthcoming, I hope this letter will serve as a reminder that I have requested this information and I do expect to receive it. It is my sincere hope that the next time I correspond with you it will be in response to the requested information. I also wish to remind you to send this information to my doctor as well, letter appealing their denial of my treatment.
I await your reply.
I think I have been patient enough. I have had a couple of calls from the nurse case manager, urging me to contact my doctor and press him to change the treatment plan to one they can approve. Since I did not go to medical school, I think I'll let my doctor make treatment decisions. I'll give the insurance company a couple of more weeks before I write again. The next time I'll not be nearly as nice, and the letter may have a few more adresees.
Deacon John
The Second Sunday in Advent
Dec. 6, 2009
St. Peregrine, Pray for us
Blessed John XXIII, Pray for us

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