Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Week of Revlimid Down

I started chemo a week ago Friday with Revlimid a drug intended for those with relapsed MM. The nice thing about Revlimid is that it is a capsule, so I don't have to sit in a doctors office hooked to an IV. The best thing is that it is working. Tumors are shrinking like mad, I am nearly pain free, and this is only in a week. On the down side, I am tired, and the possibility of low blood counts increases the chance of infection. It does seem that Revlimid is getting Poindexter under control. So, I keep praying that this new treatment will reign this disease in enough to get the donated bone marrow transplant, and hopefully finish Poindexter off. Keep praying.
St. Peregrine, pray for us.
Blessed John XXIII, pray for us.
Deacon John
The Vigil of Pentecost
May 30, 2009

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