Sunday, February 28, 2010


I ran across this article by a woman who shares my disease, and a fight with her insurance company over coverage. Before I would have felt some sympathy, but gone on. Now, now I really understand her plight, the plight that too many of us share. We need a new health care system, now.
Deacon John
Second Sunday of Lent
Feb. 28, 2010


Beth said...

Thanks for finding and sharing this. I don't think many people really get why we need a public option.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful article ... the insurance companies play coy about their dysfunctional customer service. However, being the cynic that I am, it is my belief that this is carefully orchestrated to avoid coverage.

The sad thing is that the customer has no choice but to ride the merry go round; there's often no recourse. And this is one of the nation's major insurance carriers!