Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, They Don't Waste Time

I knew there was a reason I really liked the folks at the University of Chicago. They don't waste time. On Thursday the insurance company called to say the allogeneic stem cell transplant was approved, and the information had been faxed to the University of Chicago. Friday the nurse manager from the University of Chicago called to set up an appointment with my sister and I to get things started on the transplant. So on March 3rd, we both go to see our respective doctors in Chicago. They also said they just might do any preliminary testing on me that the insurance company requires that day. My sister will have tests done that day to make sure she can donate stem cells. If all goes well, she could be back in Chicago by mid-March to begin Neupogin injections to stimulate stem cell production. After 4 injections they will harvest stem cells, then they can almost immediately transplant them into me. From something that seemed like it would never happen to something that is on the verge of happening, this transplant has definitely picked up steam. This could all occur in about a month. After all the fighting, worrying, and frustration, it almost seems unreal. Once again I want to thank my sister for this sacrifice and this gift. I want to thank all who fought with me, stood with me, and prayed with me. I am more certain than ever that God guided me to the right place in the University of Chicago. I'm ready, let's get started.
Deacon John
Feb. 13, 2010
St. Peregrine, Pray for Us.
Blessed John XXIII, Pray for Us.


Anonymous said...

Very good news about the insurance and the quick response from the hospital.

Best wishes on this exciting journey.

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victor said...

The Lord does work in mysterious ways

God Bless you and your sister with good luck.