Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Is It

Tomorrow, Monday March 29, is the big day. It's finally here, transplant day. Sometime tomorrow I will be infused with stem cells donated by my sister. Again I cannot thank her enough for this gift of life. We all say we will, but few of us actually face the choice. So, I more grateful than I can ever adequately express. So, for the second time in my life, I will have my immune system effectively destroyed, and replaced by a new immune system. Well, it's an experience others share, but not manyof us. When I first started this blog, I said I wanted to talk about the spiritual dimensions of this disease, rather than the medical. I thank all of you who have prayed for me, and stood by me on this journey. As I said, I was invited to join this club, and didn't get to say no thanks. I believe that God has blessed me in many ways through this journey, led me to the right place, and the right treatment. So now I turn to God to say thank you for a memorable experience, and the many experiences yet to come.
St. Peregrine, Pray For Us
Blessed John XXIII, Pray For Us
Deacon John
Palm Sunday
March 28, 2010

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Rebecca Weber said...

Deacon John, I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to tell you that I am sending you good thoughts and prayers. Your sister is a wonderful human being. I have myeloma and my sister told me she would donate to me if my chemo quits working. I enjoy your writing and just want you to know I am praying for success for you. Rebecca Weber